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Baby & Toddler class Tuesdays 9.30 – 10.15am

Baby classes begin as young as 2 months (or even earlier!), since this is when they are at their most receptive. The music is aimed at the parent as well as the child so it is very important for the parent to be personally involved. We do lots of stroking, tickling and movement based songs, gentle bouncers and action songs, peek-a-boos with scarves or toys, and lullabies. Babies are also given musical instruments which encourage them to pat the drums, handle claves and tinkle bells.

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We recognise that toddlers are more active and able to control their body movements. Our songs include dancing, jumping, moving to encourage balance and coordination. We also have band time using a variety of instruments, dancing to the piano, singing and backing tracks to develop a sense of rhythm, fine motor skills and awareness of the body. Each week we spend ten minutes of creative art activities which the toddlers enjoy making and taking home. Art activities are used in our music making experience which are related to the songs they have learnt.

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